Professional internships

Gain global experience, develop new skills and boost your CV! Our internships help ambitious young people to throw themselves into challenging roles with a wide range of companies around the globe. Are you curious to find out more about our opportunities, or would you like to receive more detailed information form one of our consultants? Plan a (virtual) coffee chat with us!

Global Teacher

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad. You can gain experience in new-cross cultural setting in new cross-cultural settings, equip yourself with new skills and add value to the school or institution you will work in. Are you curious to find out more about the opportunities, or would you like to receive more detailed information from one of our consultants? Plan a virtual coffee with us!

Volunteering Projects

Develop yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and contribute by doing a volunteering project! We offer volunteering projects in 11+ portfolios. Examples are projects about: - Devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism - Educate communities about climate change - Act upon degradation of natural habitat, diversity loss, and protection of wildlife - Foster educational spaces about gender or equality related issues & build initiatives - Work at a local NGO or foundation and build capacity to increase their impact Every project is related to the Sustainable Development Goals, formed by the United Nations. Book a consultation call with our consultants, and we can figure out what project suits you best!

National Programs

We offer 3 National Programs (NP) in The Netherlands: the Nour project, the Medicine Project, & the Health Project. These projects are more specifically focussed on creating a different experience and are run on a national level. Are you interested in doing a national program project abroad with AIESEC? The **timeslots** of the National Program consultant are: Nour: -Mondays from 10am - 5pm Health & Medicine -Tuesday 2-4pm, Thursday 11am-1pm Please keep in mind that you can schedule your Coffee Chat within these time slots but that you can arrange a different time/date with your consultant if it fits your schedule better!